• Modular Retail Kiosk

    Modular option for Inline Retail Activities

  • Showbox

    Designed to showcase stores and products in high foot traffic areas

  • Bespoke Design

    Tailor-Made option for Inline Retail Activities

  • LED Fabric Lightbox

    Create Eye-Catching Displays

  • Quick Walls

    Instant Walling and Office Structures

In - House Production

All woodwork, steel and aluminum, CNC cutting and paint finishing is done In-House by our experienced assembly teams.


In - House Print

In-House printing of Fabric, Vinyl and other substrates to ensure quality.

In - House Design

Expert In-House team incorporating  industrial engineering architectural and graphic design.

About Us

Our in-house design expertise, print and production becomes your guarantee.

We  co-ordinate all our skill and discipline,
supported by our Value Creation™ philosophy.

Account executives participate with your brief,
in order to understand your objectives and needs.

Our core focus is to create elements for brand retail, image enhancing
and experiential stimulation to exceed shopper expectations.

Our manufacturing heritage enhances our
time management ability and brand support.

No quality compromise. Negotiated deadlines are respected and met.

  • Precision Made

    Top retailers require value created products that are innovative, durable, efficient and operationally functional.  This calls for design excellence, production and installation accuracy in the making process. Micrometers and Verniers, Laser measuring tools, C&C abilities and craftsman perfection are all brought together to ensure retail success.

  • Cutting Edge Design

    Look and Feel dictates the currency of your brand. Design is a fast moving trend and needs to keep pace with clientele who look for the experiential and comfort in their shopping preferences.
    Our awareness of this fact inspires us to conduct research in collaboration with European teams. Investment in top designers and exposure to global trends is our client’s security in contemporary design and innovation leadership.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Fast reaction from brief taking to installation without any manufacturing shortcuts and promises, aided by PERT programmes, enables fast turnaround without quality compromise.